"Though "Bat Bear" was originally created for a Batman themed art show, I'm not really a Batman fan. I guess this is why I chose to not replicate Batman as we know him from comic books, but rather, I created a costumed "hero" rooted in the world I exist in.
If a costumed vigilante existed in the real world, the impression he'd most likely make would be that of an insane person. This feeling would be reinforced by the fact that his costume would probably be an amalgam of random bits and pieces. The mask the Bat Bear wears is actually inspired by a similar bondage/fetish mask Enid from Daniel Clowes' "Ghost World" wears. At the same time, he has a blanket wrapped around his neck (as opposed to a super heroe style cape) the same way a child would wrap their bed sheet around themselves why screaming "I'm Batman!"
I guess what I'm saying is, "Bat Bear" is a subtle critique of the fantasy world we read in comics, contrasted with my understanding of the real world, and illustrated in a cartoon / pop-art style."

Incase you didn't try clicking on the images, here's a link to the store where you can buy the Bat Bear


Also, if you missed the first one, I'll have a couple of the originals avialable for sale in December.
Feel free to email me if you're interested in this.


Munky King is proud to present, their latest collaboration with
Luke Chueh, "Headspace". A unique exploration in art toys and collector culture, Headspace explores Chueh's loves and inspirations.
"What's in your headspace?"
Those of who've been following Chueh's career might be confused my this being labelled "Set 1". The various other sets that we've produced were convention and retailer exclusives. This will be the first official set with actual distribution. And to celebrate its release, we decided to include an extra head (you can decide for youself which was the 3rd in the set).

Pretty in Plastic is proud to announce it has produced, in collaboration with
Luke Chueh, a Limited Edition Multiple Sculpture entitled "Jack" that is availble directly from Pretty in Plastic's new curated online gallery "Strange Love" at
Based on a bronze sculpture Luke Chueh created with Fullyvisual, "Jack" was revisited/resculpted by Pretty In Plastic for his 2013 solo show, "Random Acts of Sadness", and hosted by Corey Helford Gallery. "Jack" got its name and concept from the mythical jackalope, and these themes of false facades, anthropomorphization, tragedy, and decapitation are ideas Chueh regularly explores in his artwork. This incarnation of "Jack" with Pretty in Plastic is Luke Chueh's first foray into high end sculptural editions. Available as a limited edition fine art multiple of 10 in glossy white with chrome silver Antlers, "Jack" is a cast resin sculpture coated in UV archival finish with a gloss black wooden base, 22" L x 13" W in size and weighs 7 lbs. Each sculpture comes with a plaque on the reverse side of the sculpture and is signed and numbered by the artist. Anyquestions related to the sale of the Luke Chueh Limited Edition Multiple Sculpture entitled "Jack" should be sent to Pretty in Plastic at

Corey Helford Gallery and I have produced a bunch of exclusive giclée prints from our previous shows.

For information, please contact Corey Helford Gallery:
8530A Washington Blvd. Culver City CA 90232
Phone: 310-287-2340

I've teamed up with Eyes On Walls to release a series of super slick, open edtion prints! They've already released some of my better known paintings, plus the first half of my "You Are What You Eat" series. The second half of the series will be available in 2015 along with some other classic favorites.
Please check it out!